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Books, my best friend.

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“Amidst the clamor, there is still a quiet space between you and yourself , while reading a book”

Books have been man’s constant friend till date!  If you are a regular reader you would surely agree and if you are not you should be the one to try it. Well! it is all about people and people; origin, actions, reactions, in actions, evolution and the new beginning again. Reading books definitely increases the overall analytical capacity of the reader as by constant reading he acts as a witness the movements he follows.

Books are either non-fiction or fiction.

Non-fiction books contain actual information, such as biographies, true accounts and history books.  Non-fiction books are those which are real accounts of happenings or people. These books include journals, biographies, travel guides, magazines, prayers, cook-books, home remedy books, diaries of people, books on religion and spirituality, finance and economy.  Shop online for biographies and walk through the life of people.

Astrological Biographies
Wings of fire
Steve jobs

Fiction books contain stories created by the author which are either a result of imagination or based on true stories and hypothesized to a desired ending. Novels come under this category. Novels can give the reader the experience of drama, romance, comedy, action, mystery and horror. Science fiction books are also a treat to the brain offering wide angle logical imagination. Literature and Poems are also a genre of books that appease the reader in both language and taste. You could also buy an anthology book online which contains all the works of a particular author or poet.  Some popular fiction books that you can shop online are:

The Gillian Flynn

"1920s Omnibus (Agatha Christie Years)"


Making India Awesome
The Mahabharata Secret
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