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White Tops for Summer

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Welcome the Summer Light  With drapes of White.

Wholeness and Completion, Pureness and Perfection

The New beginnings, The Innocent Winnings.

— Nashri

Summer brings new energy that could wipe the old slate clean and bring new ideas be it your home, fashion, kid’s fun time or business.  New budgets, new goals, clean ups and renovations can give one a complete make over ready to reach the next level of accomplishment.

And when it comes to fashion, with the rising heat around, it should be all simple, neat, light and loose to keep you cool and comfortable.  White is the colour of summer, bright and clean looking always.  For that matter you would agree that white and black are both all season wear as they are simply majestic colours.

So start the new summer with the all majestic white clothing.  You may want to buy white tunics or white tops online; Check out the varieties of white tops available below.You can also check for the latest online prices of all categories of Casual Wear at CVALUE!

Take CVALUE along with you to any popular online shopping web site to compare and get the best prices and deals.

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 Buy white cotton tops for women online.

white cotton tops cvalue
White Cotton Tops At Cvalue


Buy White Crochet Tops online at CVALUE

white crochet top cvalue
White crochet top @ cvalue


Buy White Shrug online at CVALUE

white shrug cvalue
White shrug @cvalue

Trendy Handbags – Women’s Day Gifts

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Handbags are one of the most useful and fashion gift for a woman. She would always like to have a roomy handbag with many compartments to organize the many number of things she carries. Truly she loves to care and carries herself so well.  So she just deserves to have a trendy handbag comfortable and stylish.  Check out the Top 5 Trendy Handbags.

1. Butterflies Trendy Women’s Handbag (Peach) (BNS 0226 PCH) @ Rs.876/-

Gracefully handcrafted bag with tassles in the front panel has given it an  imperial look. This shape is largely accepted and appreciated. Two compartments inside a zipper at the back makes it spacious.

2.  Fantosy Women’s Handbag (Maroon, Fnb-152) @ Rs.399/-

Cute and trendy, this handbag by Fantosy will tempt you to buy it instantly. It is compact yet can store your important things with ease. Made from polyurethane (PU). Fetch a catchy look by just carrying this bag with a simple top and a pair of jeans.

  • Material: PU ; Inner Material: Silk Cloth
  • Warranty Type : 12 Months Seller Warranty
  • Color: Maroon
  • Dimension (L X B X H ): 30 Cm X 9 Cm X 36 Cm
  • Number Of Pocket: 4

3. Lino Perros Women’s Handbag (Black) @ Rs.971/-

  • Leatherite material black colored handbag
  • 8 inches height X 11 inches length X 4 inches width
  • Zip closure with adjustable strap
  • 5 pockets
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

4. Meridian Women’s Handbag Maroon @ Rs.499/-

      • Outer Material: Pu; Inner Material: Nylon; Color: Maroon
      • L 50 cm; H 32 cm; W 26 cm with 57 cm Shoulder drop
      • Zip Closure with Double Hand Strap
      • 4 Pockets

5. Lavie Puffbacks Women’s Handbag (Orange) @ Rs.1776/-

Add zing to your work attire by carryng this classy bag. It is a perfect fashion staple for todays fashion forward women. Contains three main compartments, one side zip pocket inside, one slip pocket and mobile slot inside, one zip pocket at the back and two grab handles.

  • Synthetic material orange colored handbag
  • 10 inches height X 13 inches length X 4 inches width
  • Zip closure with double handle
  • 7 pockets
  • Three main compartments. – One side zip pocket inside. – One slip pocket and mobile slot inside. – One zip pocket at the back. -Two grab handles
  • Do not expose to extreme heat


Tussar Silk Saree – Women’s Day Gift Ideas

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Elegant and colorful, the Tussar Silk Sari is a favourite choice of women in festive and wedding occasions.  What more can look so simple yet grand than an Indian six yards saree.  Women’s Day is coming soon on March 8th.  Gift the women are a part of your life with one of these brilliant Tussar Silk Sarees  and make it a memorable one.

BUY NOW-Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari 
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1499/-
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1488/-
     Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari

Buy now at Rs.1498/-

Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1499/-
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1539/-
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1245/-
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1499/-
Taanshi Printed Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Sari
Buy now at Rs.1499/-

Well! If you want to go for something lighter like below you could check out the georgette collection at cvalue.

Lookslady Red Geor

Art Silk Sarees – The Latest Trend

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Every Saree is a story that defines a woman.

How to buy a saree which would be graceful yet not cut heavily into your purse?  The best option and the latest trend is the Art Silk Saree.  Art Silk is another term for Artificial Silk.   It is weaved out of a blend of rayon and cotton fibres and the cost of producing art silk sarees is much lesser than pure silk sarees.   The Bhagalpur Art Silk sarees  are really trendy with great looks.   What is thrilling in the purchase of online art silk sarees is the unending variety of colours and designs available today.  Ranging from bright yellows to elegant blues, the spectrum is amazing.

And the best advantage in art silk sarees is that they are available at prices as low as Rs. 300/-only yet they look so elegant  and one cannot resist buying more than one because of this nominal price band.

Be it a light party or a marriage occasion, art silk sarees  are robbing womens’ heart at a fast pace.  The most important plus is the light weight and easy draping feature of this saree that make it comfortable to wear.

So go ahead and enjoy the visual delight of art silk sarees  at or check out one of these if you really like it.

Bhavi Yellow Art Silk Sarees
Bhavi Yellow Art Silk Saree at Rs.599/ today
ISHIN Art Silk Multicolor Saree
ISHIN Art Silk Multicolor Saree at Rs.349 today
Samskruti Sarees Artificial Silk Saree With Blouse Piece at Rs. 499 today
Favola Green Mysore Silk Art Silk  Sarees
Favola Green Mysore Silk Art Silk Saree at Rs.552/- today
Vaamsi Tussarsilk Printed Saree at Rs. 425/- today
Shree Sanskruti Bhagalpuri art silk Printed Sari at Rs. 449/- today

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Footwear – The finishing touch of dressing!

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The first thing we notice in an outing or a gathering is the footwear.  It is then that we realize that we could have worn a better footwear.  Footwear is not only for aesthetics but also to scale the persona of the one who wears it. We are also judged by the way we attire and footwear comes a long way in the grand scheme of things. So footwear indeed completes dressing.

Elegance in footwear depends on our choice.  And our choice can be refined if we wear those that suit the appropriateness of the situation.

Again, what should we look in our shoes? The comfort or style?,     We should say,  both are pretty much important.

Let us see the good characteristics of a suitable footwear.  Typically, price shouldn’t be a factor and nothing should be compromised for a shoe that is comfortable.

  1. Flexi or adjustable

Adjustable straps such as laces or Velcro which allow for adjustment depending on an individual’s needs are good for sandals, floaters and heels.  A lace or strap would hold the foot in it’s place allowing fast walking, running or rough use.

  1. Stable

The shoes’ heel support / heel cup should be soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement.  Ladies!  For your attention please!  Kindly inspect the heel cup and the sole of the heels while buying, you don’t want to end up feeling like walking on a stone pillar.

  1. Roomy enough

There should be sufficient room at the front of the shoe for your toes. During normal walking your foot both spreads out and lengthens up. Therefore, you should pick a shoe that is longer than your longest toe by about the width of your thumb. This would also allow some breathe space for your toes protecting you from

  • Bunions or hammertoes.
  • Corns
  • Toes that cross over each other.
  • Ingrown toenails.
  • Complications from diabetes that you may not feel due to poor sensation in the feet.
  1. Heel height 

It is in the best interest that shoe heel must not exceed 2.5cm in height.  When taller ones are worn for long hours, the heel and ankle would become more unstable and thus be prone to sprains and forefoot pain.

  1. Good condition

Monitor your footwear and discard shoes that are too worn-down, as these have often lost some of their basic functions. Continuing to run in worn-out running shoes increases the stress and impact on your leg joints and heels, which can lead to overuse injuries. offers a wide variety of fashion and elegant footwear.  Take a look at it.

# Flip-flops (slippers)

Flip-flops also called slides or step-ins are a type of open-toed sandal typically worn casually.  They consist of a flat sole made of rubber or plastic, held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot. The name “flip-flop” originated from the sound made by the slapping of the sole, foot and floor when walking.

"La Maliboo Red Eva Material Women's Flip Flops"

On the other side:

They should be avoided in case of prolonged walking because they offer very little to no arch support, heel cushioning. This type of shoe can accelerate the problems associated with having a flat foot.

#  Flats (slippers or sandals)

Flats are sandals or slippers are flat on the sole. They give the body the perfect stability.

Cocoon Flats

# High heels

Who would not say yes to a brand new catwalk or Do Bhai high heels, they are pretty much a dream of every teenage girl. Heels range from low to high height upto 6 inches. Even though a caution has been spread about the height of the heels , it’s not a problem if the flaunting are for a few hours or so, but if put into regular use, please be informed about the health issues too.

Wearing heels regularly shifts your body weight to your forefoot, which increases the pressure to this area and typically leads to forefoot pain. High heels also create a balance problem; as you force your knees and hips forward, it may lead to pain and discomfort in your back and legs.

# Sneakers

They are typically used for athletic purposes. But  today it is nick -named as casual shoes which can be worn at any wear except formal meetings. But who knows wearing them formally can be the next fashion trend.  Though kicks are easy to use, foot hygiene is very important and should not be ignored.

Sports guys ! make sure to check your feet every day, wash them and keep them dry for a few hours and don’t forget to trim your toe nails to avoid injury.

Catbird Black Women'S Casual Shoes

Confidence Dressing – Women’s Wardrobe

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Women play varied roles in their life time.  Confidence and Perseverance are innate qualities of women without which she would not have achieved what she has.  Amidst her demanding schedules, no doubt she wants to feel her best at all times. 

There is much obsession to trending fashion outfits and designs among  girls and women as it always used to be.   There are mixed reviews about trending clothes leaving women with doubts about their choice and style of dressing.  This becomes all the more complex   as she ages. CVALUE would suggest what we call confidence dressing which is more about how she feels from inside rather than how she looks from outside.   And that way she could be more honest to her personality.

Check out these essential outfits that you can stock in your wardrobe to help you handy as you change roles as a women.  You can have a quick look at our online shopping website which also gives you the best deals today.

  1. Casual Tops: Your casual collection of tops could be a variety of styles that suit your comfort. Tunics T-Shirts and Tees would go well with skirts and jeans.   Tees that can be worn singly or under a shrug or a sweatshirt.  Always have a pair of white tops because it just does magic with your energy level and boosts your   confidence.
    "Styletoss Cream Cotton Top 1553"
    Casual Top

    "Navy Blue Solid T Shirt"
    Casual T Shirt



"Short Sleeve Embroidered Green Tunic"
Tunic Top


"Rust Solid Shrug"
Shrug over Tee











2. Casual Bottoms: Your wardrobe can also have a variety in casual bottoms to include Skirts, midis, Maxis, Jeans, Chinos, Palazzos, Leggings, Jeggings , Capris and Shorts.

"Blue Palazzo"
Palazzo Trouser
"Green Chinos"








"Vivaa Short skirt VS60"


"Blue Capri"
Capri or 3/4th







3.   Ethnic Wear: Kurtas and  Kurti sets, Sarees and Longs Skirts are a must keep for every Indian Women as they are truly the  dress       sense of Inida.


"Anushree Pink Georgette Saree"
Georgette Saree



"Manvaa Cream Net Lehenga Choli"
"A Wonder Woman Black Net Anarkali Suit"

4. Formal Wear: Formal Wears can take shape according to work place dress codes.  They would actually include all the above 3 varieties.  The addition of formal shirts, pants with a suit or a blazer would add to dress codes.

"Grey Solid Blazer"


Above all, the age old quote says

“One is not completely dressed unless he wears a smile”

So ……Smile with Confidence.