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Smart Kitchen, Smart food

Today it is important to have the best appliances and tools in our kitchen to meet the quick yet quality requirement of the family.  It is a good idea to give a serious thought to what you have in your kitchen and how it can improve in terms of the time you save on repeated repairs of your kitchen appliances.  Take a look at wide variety and stylish models of kitchen appliances online and make your kitchen a smart kitchen.  Small kitchen appliances can sometimes be very costly but many online shopping websites offer EMI facility, so you will not feel the pinch yet possess the latest in innovative kitchens.

Here are a top 4 kitchen appliances at discount prices.

1.   Prestige Induction PIC 14.0 @ Rs. 2088/- today (50% off)

Make way for the new face of modern cooking in your kitchen with the new Prestige ceramic induction cooker. It is the new age cooking which is fun and exciting rather than tiresome and dangerous. It is also very elegant looking kitchen appliance and comes in a black colour with ceramic finish. One of the best features of this new prestige ceramic induction is its self-cooling feature. This means that as soon as the cooking vessel is removed from it, it will cool down within a few seconds. This new-age cooking system works on the dual heating sensors. Its wider display panel makes it very user friendly and easy to use.

Buy prestige induction at best price


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Indian menu options
  • Elegant black finish body
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Dual heat sensors
  • Wider display panel
  • 1900 watts power
  • Preset timer
  • Automatic start option
  • One year warranty
  • SUPC: SDL311883110


  2.    Buy Prestige PRWO 1.8 Rice cooker online @Rs.1720/-(25% off)

The Prestige rice cooker with aluminium pan and stainless steel lid is a highly affordable and durable appliance for your modern and classy kitchen. Prestige is an international brand and therefore, all its products are of top most quality and world-class features. It keeps your food fresh and warm even after hours of cooking. This electric rice cooker comes with a 1-year product warranty. It can easily cook up to 1 kg of rice in a single go.


  • 1 Year warranty
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • 8 L Capacity
  • 700 W Power Consumption
  • Rice Cooker
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Cooking Feature
  • Aluminium Cooking Pan
  • SUPC: 1184597


3.      Buy Maharaja Whiteline Marvello Mixer Grinder online @ Rs.1655/- (47% off)

Maharaja Whiteline brand offers solutions that make life easier, with beautiful and tasty results. With Non Slip Feet and 3 jars, this grinder has super sharp blades. Ideal for modern homes, this mixer grinder will surely enhance your capacity in the kitchen.


  • Capacity : Capacity of Liquidizer Jar: 1500 ml, Capacity of Multi-Purpose Jar: 1000 ml, Capacity of Chutney Jar: 300 ml
  • No. Of jar : 3
  • No. Of attachement : 6
  • Type : Mixer Grinder
  • Brand : Maharaja Whiteline
  • Color : Red and White
  • SUPC: SDL202400461


4.      Buy Pigeon 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove @ Rs.2308/- (42% off)

Cook a hearty meal for your entire family with this 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove from Pigeon. Covered with a durable toughened glass plate on a stainless steel body, this crystal-black gas stove has 3 high-powered burners with manual ignition. This long-lasting gas stove is easy to operate with 3 efficient control valves.


  • Ignition mode : Manual ignition
  • Burner : 3 Burner
  • Body : Stainless Steel & Glass
  • Type : 3 Burner
  • Warranty : 2 year
  • Brand : Pigeon
  • SUPC: SDL848453785


At CVALUE, you can choose from a wide category of Kitchen Appliances offered by many popular brands like  Prestige, Bajaj, Glen, Morphy Richards, Philips, Sunflame, Havells, Inalsa, Panasonic, EurolinePadminiOsterUshaBaltraKaushalamSkylineKentSeavyEurekaForbesPreethiPigeonButterfly,FaberSunshineCelloAdvanta PremiumMaharaja Whiteline,  CromptonGreaves,  SingerJaipanNovaHindwareJindalVistaarWonderchef.




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Good health comes from the kitchen.

Cooking can be simple or elaborate but there are many small things we can do to be well prepared and that can avoid embarrassment in the kitchen especially when you are in a hurry or when you are back home late and tired.

Here are a few kitchen tips that are basic and important.

  1. Always keep a dry KITCHEN TOWEL ready in a hanger or a stand. It will come handy to wipe wet vessels or boxes when you are in a hurry.
  2. When your milk is on the stove don’t move away. You know how you feel when it spills. That’s why MILK COOKERS  are helpful as they whistle when done.
  3. Keep the seasoning materials like mustard, jeera, udad dal, hing open and ready to use before pouring oil into the WOK OR KADAI.
  4. Likewise also keep the garnishing box ready and open to use.
  5. It is best to grind coconut with a COCONUT SCRAPPER.   But if you are cutting pieces and using the mixer to grind it, then make sure you soak the pieces in water for sometime and then grind so that it does not remain as pieces.
  6. Likewise for tamarind also especially while making chutney.
  7. If you spill oil, add some rice flour or wheat flour to it and mix it. You can then keep it in a corner outside the house near rat holes or in a place where it would be eaten by creatures. Flour absorbs oil so well.
  8. Before putting the dishes to wash in the basin, remove all remaining food particles. Save all the curd, neatly cleaning the curd vessel. Don’t waste curd.   Also clean the rice vessel and the rice spatula with wet hands.
  9. Remember to soak the pulses that you had planned for.
  10. Don’t forget to wash the kitchen platform cleaning duster cloth with detergent.




How to buy an AC

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Air Conditioners are no more a luxury today.  Come summer and every family craves for a cool room.  Today we come across a wide variety of air conditioners with special features and design from exclusive brands.  But with all the rating stickers and features coming out today,  you may want to know what they really mean.

We take you through the meaning of some the prominent features shown on the AC means to you as a customer. This would also serve as a basic AC buying guide online. Also look for some best AC deals online a the end of the article.

1. Star Rating

What is the meaning of star rating in AC?

You find star ratings on the AC like 1 star, 2 star, up to 5 stars.   The more the stars the more electricity is saved.  This star rating otherwise called EER is given by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) . The Bureau initiated the Standards & Labelling programme for equipment and appliances in 2006 to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the relevant marketed AC product.

Energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the ratio between the cooling capacity and the power input of the Air conditioners. For example, if a 1 TR (3500 W) AC consumes 1000 watts, then the EER of the Air conditioners is 3.5 W/W. ACs with high EER consume less power.

The BEE star rating standards vary for every model and every announced year of rating.

BEE Star Rating on Air Conditioner
BEE Star Rating on Air Conditioner

2. Cooling Capacity

What do you mean by 1 ton AC or a 1.5 ton AC?

Cooling capacity is the amount of heat energy removed by the Air conditioner from a specified space product for a given time.  So more the ton more the cooling capacity

3. Room Size:

How much ton AC to buy depends on your room size.

Given below is a guide to help you decide how many ton ac you can buy for your room size.  Kindly note that these figures are for room height of not more than 9.5 or 10 feet.

Room size Vs Ac  Capacity
Room size Vs AC Capacity

Sometimes you find that even after going for the best AC your room is not cool enough.  A good idea would be to keep the AC on for sometime before you actually move into the room .


Voltas 150 sq ft. 1.5 Ton 5 STAR Rs.32,962/- BUY NOW
Videocon 150 sq ft. 1.5 Ton 3 STAR Rs.27,790/- BUY NOW
Electrolux 150 sq ft. 1.5 Ton 3 STAR Rs.30,218/- BUY NOW
Whirlpool 150 sq ft 1.5 Ton 3 STAR R.26990/- BUY NOW
Voltas 120 sq ft. 1.2 Ton 5 STAR Rs.28,980/- BUY NOW
Blue Star 100 sq ft. 1 Ton 5 STAR Rs.28,899/- BUY NOW
Godrej 100 sq ft. 1 Ton 5 STAR Rs.29,740/- BUY NOW
Whirlpool 100 sq ft. 1 Ton 3 STAR Rs.24200/- BUY NOW
LG 200 sq ft. 2 Ton 2 STAR Rs.38000/- BUY NOW
Panasonic 200 sq ft. 2 Ton 2 STAR Rs.37951/- BUY NOW


Mattresses – a good night’s sleep

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“ Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing.                                                 Beloved from pole to pole! ”

A good night’s sleep determines the quality of work and life.   And if you are having problems with sleep you might as well take some time to analyse your mattress.  ……Okay!  Not at all exaggerating!

# “Ooh! Why should I change my mattress?” 

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is my mattress more than 10 years old?
  2. Is the room smelling of mattress?
  3. Am I feeling bumps or metal under my mattress?
  4. Is the mattress skin torn or mildew laden?
  5. Do I feel awkward when a guest or a neighbor see my mattress?
  6. Do I have bouts of itches, sneezing or rashes at night?
  7. Do I mostly wake up with a neck pain or back pain?
  8. Is the mattress  sagging  or uneven?

If your answers to most of the questions are “yes” then you urgently need to change your mattress. It has been worn out over the years and filled with dust mites, fungus, and moisture.  You should get rid of the unhygienic mattress and buy a new one. Mattresses deteriorate over time, and  its lifespan depends on its usage, quality and care.

# What type of mattress should I buy?

When it comes to buying a mattress online you must buy what really suits your body weight and spine condition.

  • Spring Mattress:


Buy spring Matress online


Spring mattresses are by far the most used today.    They are made of inner springs made of steel coil springs.  Innerspring cores typically last around 10 years.  A double sided spring mattress that contains a mixer of coir and foam can be opted to expand the life of the mattress.  Spring mattresses are the choice to be made especially if you are bulky because they give the defense in case of thrust.

  • Foam Mattress:

buy foam mattress online

Foam mattresses are made out of memory foam.  Memory foam mattresses use conforming visco-elastic foam over firmer polyurethane base foam. This type of mattress is soft and good at relieving pressure on painful joints, but is usually more expensive than spring mattress. Memory foam mattresses correspond to the sleeper’s shape and weight.  People with orthopedic issues can go in for specialized mattresses in this variety.  These mattresses also give warmth to the body.

Latex mattresses:
buy latex mattress online

Latex mattresses are made out of latex rubber. Natural latex mattresses are mostly preferred. They have all the advantages of a foam mattress but are slightly heavier, They are also cooler than the memory foam mattress. They last longer than the spring mattress.  They are naturally anti dust mite and anti allergen.  They can last longer than 10 years. So they are costlier than memory foam mattresses.

Latex Foam Mattress:
  • A combination of both latex and foam materials are also used to give you the best of both the worlds.
# Is a mattress protector necessary?    

After having invested in thousands on a mattress, one silly thing which we might end up doing is overlooking the purchase of a Mattress Protector.  We normally think that a bedspread is more than enough to cover a mattress.  But it is in fact not.  A Mattress Protector is very essential to save the mattress from getting dirty and most importantly to save ourselves from dust mites and bed bugs, especially in monsoon. You surely don’t want to feel sorry about your mattress when liquids are spilled accidentally on the mattress and the stain remains on the mattress for ever. Mattress Protectors are laminated to protect the mattress from becoming wet.  A terry top mattress protector ensures hygienic sleep.  Mattress Protectors are stretchable and come in various sizes stitched to fit our mattress be it single bed or double bed.  So stretch it out and have a good night’s fresh and hygienic sleep.  Mattress Protectors can be washed easily by hand or machine gently.  So covering up your mattress which you bought after lot of analysis is definitely a clever thing to do and pat your back about.            Mattress Protectors act as a barrier against the following:

mattress protector
Features of a mattress protector

Monsoon Blues – Home Improvement

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And when the rains break first, hmm…. What a nostalgic smell of the mud!  That’s what most of us wait to experience not leaving out the hot pakodas and the brewing masala chai.

Come monsoon and we feel fresh energy after a tiring long summer.  Children are out in puddles celebrating life at its best.   Leaves and ferns sport green at its best.   But monsoon hews can turn into blues due to the difficulties caused by humidity.  It is a hard time tackling monsoon blues at home.  As monsoon progresses the home is slowly abode to dust mites, insects, fungus and water worms in the washrooms.  Special attention has been given here to dealing with wooden furniture and organic stuff in monsoon.  Here are a few prevention and treatment tips that our customers have shared with us.

home improvement tips for monsoons
Source –

# Expanding doors / Sticky Doors

The most common problem during the wet season is the swelling doors.  Doors expand due to increase in humidity and contract during summer or dry weather making it difficult to close the door fully.  So these are things you try to fix the door back in its position.

Step 1:  Check if the hinges are properly set inside the door frame and the door.  You may replace the screws with a longer one so it holds the hinge tightly.  In the same way tighten the screws of the lock panel both in the door and in the frame.  If possible you may remove the door and rehang them.

Step 2: Tap the door and the frame edges all over with a wooden piece 3cm thick.  Then apply a very thin coat of coconut oil over the edges using a small piece of cotton cloth.  This would ease the movement of the door.

Step 3: The last resort would be to use a sander to trim some wood off the panel.   In some cases you can also use a plane tool to trim some wood off.  Be careful not to trim them too much as because it would leave a gap again during the dry weather.  You may need to also polish your door after this.

# Molds and mildews

Mildews are thin layers of fungus that grow on organic matter like wood, paper, card boards, leather, etc during the wet seasons.  If you carefully watch every corner of your home you can find this growing on undusted wooden tables, piles of books or papers and leather bags or shoes.  You may also investigate your kitchen cabinet shutters for this.  These mildews make the air toxic and can cause allergic cold, skin infections and hay fevers.  Sometimes you can feel a musty odor in your room which means that the mildews (molds) have grown up to the danger mark and you need to take action immediately especially if you have children around.

Mildews on wooden furniture and plain surfaces:   Once you have identified the mildew areas, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them.  If you want to brush them, make sure that it does not spread out in the air to other places.  Do it gently. Then gently wipe with a cloth dipped in hot water and squeezed well.  You can then spray with a mildew remover spray so that it reaches the pores of the wood and prevents further occurrence.  As a preventive measure, it is always better to get all your wooden furniture polished before the rains.

Mildews on books, papers and leather:   Again you can remove the molds on books and papers with a wet squeezed cloth dipped in a mixture of hot water and vinegar. To clean leather bags or bean bags you may give it wet wipe and after it dries, you can try using a leather cleaner to keep them free of fungus for some time.

In all, maintaining the house during monsoon does require that extra bit of effort but it is worth taking that.  The best way ofcourse would be to prevent the fungal growth all together in which case you can run your vacuum cleaner or brush all corners of your home once a week on all surfaces to prevent the growth of molds and mildews.