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Monsoon Blues – Home Improvement

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And when the rains break first, hmm…. What a nostalgic smell of the mud!  That’s what most of us wait to experience not leaving out the hot pakodas and the brewing masala chai.

Come monsoon and we feel fresh energy after a tiring long summer.  Children are out in puddles celebrating life at its best.   Leaves and ferns sport green at its best.   But monsoon hews can turn into blues due to the difficulties caused by humidity.  It is a hard time tackling monsoon blues at home.  As monsoon progresses the home is slowly abode to dust mites, insects, fungus and water worms in the washrooms.  Special attention has been given here to dealing with wooden furniture and organic stuff in monsoon.  Here are a few prevention and treatment tips that our customers have shared with us.

home improvement tips for monsoons
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# Expanding doors / Sticky Doors

The most common problem during the wet season is the swelling doors.  Doors expand due to increase in humidity and contract during summer or dry weather making it difficult to close the door fully.  So these are things you try to fix the door back in its position.

Step 1:  Check if the hinges are properly set inside the door frame and the door.  You may replace the screws with a longer one so it holds the hinge tightly.  In the same way tighten the screws of the lock panel both in the door and in the frame.  If possible you may remove the door and rehang them.

Step 2: Tap the door and the frame edges all over with a wooden piece 3cm thick.  Then apply a very thin coat of coconut oil over the edges using a small piece of cotton cloth.  This would ease the movement of the door.

Step 3: The last resort would be to use a sander to trim some wood off the panel.   In some cases you can also use a plane tool to trim some wood off.  Be careful not to trim them too much as because it would leave a gap again during the dry weather.  You may need to also polish your door after this.

# Molds and mildews

Mildews are thin layers of fungus that grow on organic matter like wood, paper, card boards, leather, etc during the wet seasons.  If you carefully watch every corner of your home you can find this growing on undusted wooden tables, piles of books or papers and leather bags or shoes.  You may also investigate your kitchen cabinet shutters for this.  These mildews make the air toxic and can cause allergic cold, skin infections and hay fevers.  Sometimes you can feel a musty odor in your room which means that the mildews (molds) have grown up to the danger mark and you need to take action immediately especially if you have children around.

Mildews on wooden furniture and plain surfaces:   Once you have identified the mildew areas, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them.  If you want to brush them, make sure that it does not spread out in the air to other places.  Do it gently. Then gently wipe with a cloth dipped in hot water and squeezed well.  You can then spray with a mildew remover spray so that it reaches the pores of the wood and prevents further occurrence.  As a preventive measure, it is always better to get all your wooden furniture polished before the rains.

Mildews on books, papers and leather:   Again you can remove the molds on books and papers with a wet squeezed cloth dipped in a mixture of hot water and vinegar. To clean leather bags or bean bags you may give it wet wipe and after it dries, you can try using a leather cleaner to keep them free of fungus for some time.

In all, maintaining the house during monsoon does require that extra bit of effort but it is worth taking that.  The best way ofcourse would be to prevent the fungal growth all together in which case you can run your vacuum cleaner or brush all corners of your home once a week on all surfaces to prevent the growth of molds and mildews.