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Soft Toys Collection

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Soft Toys are the joy of little kids as they can play with cartoon characters and also relate with their wit and style. These are great gifts to give children and can be preserved for long. And after many years when children grow up, parents locate these toys and relive childhood memories. Check out for stuffed  toys online and gift little kids a safe memoir.

Soft Toys – Cartoon Characters

Children love to personify toys and merge with their favourite cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman, Doremon, Chutki, Little Panda and many more. Have a look at what your child’s toy shelf can display. Buy cartoon soft toys online at the ease of your time.

Soft Toys – Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are lovely dolls and one of the most popular gifts for children.  But adults would also fall for it due to its happy chubby and soothing look. Would you like to gift one of these for a dear child or a friend?  Check this list for cute teddy bears online.

Smart Fit Red Teddy Bear

Shree Krishna Teddy Bear  - 9 inch


I love you Pink Teddy Bear


Hugging Teddy Bears

Hi Kids! Sharpen your brain the cube way.

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A Cube puzzle can be a pass time for you whether you are successful in solving it or not.  Why only kids?  Even for adults.  Working on the cube puzzle is known to enhance pattern recognition skills, photographic memory, and intelligence on 3-D rotation.  It can sharpen the brain helping you solve higher order thinking problems and puzzles.

In the words of Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik’s Cube

” If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you.                                             If you are determined, you will solve them. “

If you have not yet tried a cube, you can begin by understanding the parts of a Rubik’s Cube.



There are 12 edge pieces located in the middle rows.  These are pieces which have only 2 colours.


There are 8 corner pieces located on the corners.  And they have 3 colours.


There are six center pieces located in the center of each side.  The center pieces DO NOT MOVE and  represent the colour of their side.  The pair of centre pieces opposite to each other are

  1. White opposite yellow
  2. Orange opposite red
  3. Green opposite blue

The cube puzzle has evolved over the years.  It is now 41 years since the first Rubik’s cube was invented. Once you have become a moderate cuber, you can try the latest  Moyu  3 x 3 x 3 Speed Cube Puzzle which is fast, light, has great corner cutting and gives good control over the rotation.  And in style is the Original Dayan 5 ZhanChi Stickerless Speed Cube used by professional cubers for its style and speed.  For more varieties in cubes and puzzles visit us at