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Men’s Fashion – Fast Five

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Honest Dressing
Honest Dressing

Fashion has no more remained a term equivalent to style.             Today fashion is more to mean “grooming by comfort” whether it is formal wear or casual wear.  Needless to say that the definition of comfort may mean different to different people, you would also appreciate that being comfortable doesn’t mean appearing sacked in an over-sized apparel.  We have collected some tips for you here which you can use to groom yourself.  If you have already come a way long in fashion and grooming, this would be a basic subject though.

  1. Formal Shirts: When you try out a shirt, check out for layers or laps of shirt material around the buttons and on the chest stretching towards and against the arms making you difficult to lift your arms. These are examples of bad fit. Sometimes there may be too many gatherings around the waist.  These are also not desirable for a good fit. Also your sleeves should touch the wrist line.
  2. Formal Trousers: Trousers should ideally sit on top of your waist bone and not below.  When buttoned you should not feel the need for a belt.  That would be the right waist fit.  Now The length of your trouser can be a bit longer than your ankle line in which case it would cause folds.  These folds are breaks. Too many breaks might give you a sloppy look though you can go with a half break.   A trouser just touching the ankle line would look fitter of course.
  3. T-Shirts: The same tips given for the shirts would apply here. But you can be a little easy on it as it is casuals.  One important thing you can keep in mind is the length of the T-Shirt.  It is better to go for the one that is lengthier so you don’t feel awkward about your peeping stomach when you lift your hand up.
  4. Jeans: Jeans as a party wear and casual wear can be selected according to your own comfort.   Infact it looks good even with breaks and gatherings.   Just one tip here! Make sure that when you bend down your waist doesn’t show up.
  5. Tees: Tees are generally collarless T-Shirts fitting tightly on to you showing your body line. So make sure you keep fit before wearing tees.  Else you can go in for a slightly higher size to make you look cool.

All these you can look for before shopping for your apparels.  You can also browse the web for the best online shopping sites for men. is a site that offers a wide range and variety of men’s fashion clothing and accessories.  Take a look.