Men’s Fashion – Fast Five

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Honest Dressing
Honest Dressing

Fashion has no more remained a term equivalent to style.             Today fashion is more to mean “grooming by comfort” whether it is formal wear or casual wear.  Needless to say that the definition of comfort may mean different to different people, you would also appreciate that being comfortable doesn’t mean appearing sacked in an over-sized apparel.  We have collected some tips for you here which you can use to groom yourself.  If you have already come a way long in fashion and grooming, this would be a basic subject though.

  1. Formal Shirts: When you try out a shirt, check out for layers or laps of shirt material around the buttons and on the chest stretching towards and against the arms making you difficult to lift your arms. These are examples of bad fit. Sometimes there may be too many gatherings around the waist.  These are also not desirable for a good fit. Also your sleeves should touch the wrist line.
  2. Formal Trousers: Trousers should ideally sit on top of your waist bone and not below.  When buttoned you should not feel the need for a belt.  That would be the right waist fit.  Now The length of your trouser can be a bit longer than your ankle line in which case it would cause folds.  These folds are breaks. Too many breaks might give you a sloppy look though you can go with a half break.   A trouser just touching the ankle line would look fitter of course.
  3. T-Shirts: The same tips given for the shirts would apply here. But you can be a little easy on it as it is casuals.  One important thing you can keep in mind is the length of the T-Shirt.  It is better to go for the one that is lengthier so you don’t feel awkward about your peeping stomach when you lift your hand up.
  4. Jeans: Jeans as a party wear and casual wear can be selected according to your own comfort.   Infact it looks good even with breaks and gatherings.   Just one tip here! Make sure that when you bend down your waist doesn’t show up.
  5. Tees: Tees are generally collarless T-Shirts fitting tightly on to you showing your body line. So make sure you keep fit before wearing tees.  Else you can go in for a slightly higher size to make you look cool.

All these you can look for before shopping for your apparels.  You can also browse the web for the best online shopping sites for men. is a site that offers a wide range and variety of men’s fashion clothing and accessories.  Take a look.

International Yoga only on 21st June?

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It is a matter of pride for India that Yoga has been accredited internationally.  We are celebrating the International Yoga Day for the first time today, the 21st June 2015.  Surprisingly the International Yoga Day coincides with the summer solstice.  So it is symbolic of a great change.

For the first time in Indian history we saw a Prime Minister doing yoga with the people of India at Rajpath, Delhi.  Thousands of people sat there on yoga mats and performed guided yogasanas.   Sure it is a good beginning and India has done its part to create the awareness of Yoga and its benefits.

But what next?  Is yoga only for 21st June?

It would only be beneficial if we are able to practice it regularly.  Taking time off is a great difficulty today.  But if we should be true to our conscience, we could probably still find time say around 15-20 minutes in the early morning.  Doing even basic Asanas can help stretch out muscles and release stiffness.    Simple pranayama can control our breath, open up energy channels throughout our body and calm the mind.

But if you have not yet started, enrolling in a yoga course to begin with, would be essential.  Learning from a master in yoga is important because he can guide you with appropriate positions when you envisage difficulty.  And then you can have a handbook of Asanas for yoga that help you  during your practice at home.

As our PM put it right, “yoga is for a tension free world”.  So let’s spend time with ourselves and engage our kids too in this process for “kids are the future of India and their quality would define India”.

Hi Kids! Sharpen your brain the cube way.

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A Cube puzzle can be a pass time for you whether you are successful in solving it or not.  Why only kids?  Even for adults.  Working on the cube puzzle is known to enhance pattern recognition skills, photographic memory, and intelligence on 3-D rotation.  It can sharpen the brain helping you solve higher order thinking problems and puzzles.

In the words of Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik’s Cube

” If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you.                                             If you are determined, you will solve them. “

If you have not yet tried a cube, you can begin by understanding the parts of a Rubik’s Cube.



There are 12 edge pieces located in the middle rows.  These are pieces which have only 2 colours.


There are 8 corner pieces located on the corners.  And they have 3 colours.


There are six center pieces located in the center of each side.  The center pieces DO NOT MOVE and  represent the colour of their side.  The pair of centre pieces opposite to each other are

  1. White opposite yellow
  2. Orange opposite red
  3. Green opposite blue

The cube puzzle has evolved over the years.  It is now 41 years since the first Rubik’s cube was invented. Once you have become a moderate cuber, you can try the latest  Moyu  3 x 3 x 3 Speed Cube Puzzle which is fast, light, has great corner cutting and gives good control over the rotation.  And in style is the Original Dayan 5 ZhanChi Stickerless Speed Cube used by professional cubers for its style and speed.  For more varieties in cubes and puzzles visit us at

Take Time to watch the flight of a bird.

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If you had a hectic week and foresee an equally demanding week what would you do?

Week-end and you would like to just rest quietly, or be at the movies.  Yet another interesting way would be to get closer to nature, the endless teacher.  Yes!  Schooler Shriram Athreya spends his week- end packing off his camera bag  to watch birds off Palm Beach Road, Nerul which is home to a flamboyance of flamingos.  This is what he has to say about his little outing.

“Unmindful of the wearisome world they wade around in unity enjoying the three twilights. They live in large groups and so they are very social.  I wondered why they were so pink and googled to find out that they get their pink colour from their food.  The carotenoid levels in algae and those of the crustacean family like crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill and barnacles are considerable.  It gets dissolved in fats.  The fats are then deposited bringing out colours in new feathers that grow.

A little more inquisitiveness explained why Caribbean flamingos where bright red in colour when compared to the flamingos of Lake Nakuru in Central Kenya.  So that also reassures that You are what you eat.

Most exciting was capturing the flight of the flamingos on camera. The majestic take off and smooth landing was incredible.  Hail the birds that once inspired the Wright Brothers.”

Shriram used his NIKON D5100 camera to take pictures for his Mémoire. And when the sun set, he packed his lens and filters back  and  set off  home.  What lingers in his mind is how the flamingos stood endlessly on one leg, so firm, so unshaken, so concentrated on their goals.  With that takeaway he is ready for his next week.

He shares his pictures here for us.   Sure you will enjoy them.


As pink as a lotus
As pink as a rose
Flight over water
Walking along with the sunset
Standing on one leg
Standing on one leg

10 Tips to Shop Online Like a Pro

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Online shopping doesn’t just simplify the buying process, it also digitizes the entire ‘window shopping’ experience. The web makes it much easier to browse through the multitudes of products available in any given category, and then shortlist what you like into a convenient little wish list or digital shopping cart. When you’re satisfied with your eventual selection, you can finally click that rewarding Proceed to Checkout button.

Of course, even the web today has become unfathomably cluttered with products, and everywhere you look you see banner ads and special promotions and offers. One bad experience – either a false promise, a product different in person that the pictures shown, or a delivery gone horribly wrong, and you’re right back to doubting the efficacy of online shopping.

Although in general post online shopping experiences today are quite convenient and straightforward, it helps to keep the below tips in mind during your e-commerce experience:

Separate Email ID

If you want to stay up to date with the latest deals and offers various e-commerce portals are offering, you need to subscribe to their mailers and newsletters. You might not want to clutter your primary mailbox with so many e-commerce mailers, so you can consider creating a separate mail ID altogether, which won’t take you very long at all.

This will help you catch up on the best offers online, which are thrown up literally by the day. You’ll be one of the first to receive notifications of these sales, and can then plan your shopping accordingly. This separate mail ID also serves as your account profile on these various sites, so as you shop more and avail additional benefits, you won’t have to go scurrying around trying to find your login information.

Hit the Sales Sections

Discount sales shelves are usually the busiest places in physical retail stores, and it’s a similar scenario online. Often, you’ll find a dedicated Sales or Discounts tab listing all the best deals, and it’s a breeze to search through these discounted products online. Everything is neatly organized, and search filters help you can quickly find a piece that appeals to you.

Coupon is King

Always try to find those time bound coupon codes that carry major benefits. Just beware of deals that urge you to make multiple purchases for a relatively small benefit. Spend a few extra bucks for shipping instead of spending more money on things you might not really need just to get free shipping.


Go All Out

Online shoppers feel that certain items, like bathing suits, shoes, and jewelry, should not be purchased online. But sometimes online is the best place to shop for these products.As for shoes and jewelry, ordering online allows you to see how these accessories fit in with the rest of your wardrobe – which you have ready access to at home. Just be sure to check whether the return policy is different for these specific items.

Fragile! Handle with care

Delicate items, for example designer watches for women might require special handling, so check the different features of the product online in the description tab. The handling of the product and assurance of safe, delicate delivery are important when shopping online. You should have the right to refuse delivery and receive a no-questions-asked refund on fragile items.

Review the Reviews

When you’re unsure, it is always wise to read reviews of the product when shopping online. These indicate what other shoppers felt about their shopping experience, and whether the product they expected was delivered as advertised. Previous customers will provide you with more realistic details about the quality of an item. Of course, occasionally you might come across a review left by a competitor, unless you see a recurring pattern, treat overly critical reviews with a pinch of salt.

Return Policy

Online shopping can often be a bit risky, as you don’t usually get to physically try on and inspect your items before purchasing them – although many online shopping sites these days are experimenting with trial clothes. This makes the return policy especially important. If it is not explicitly clear on the site, call the company first to get details.

One size never fits all

All online shops have their own versions of sizing charts. Though you probably know your standard size, it’s helps to see where you fall on that site’s unique chart. Clothing sizes and fits can vary greatly from brand to brand, and without trying clothes on it’s difficult to tell which will fit best. The closest you can come is to match your measurements to those recommended on a chart.

Be Pennywise with your Cart

With online shopping, it is way too easy to get carried away! The best process is to simply go with the flow when you’re browsing. Add everything you like to your shopping cart and then remove whatever seems excessive later. By compiling your shortlist in one single place, it’s much easier to compare and decide what you really need. Also, when you see that massive grand total, you’ll automatically want to scrutinize everything once again with a critical eye and remove things you don’t really need.

Seek till you drop

The biggest benefit of online discounts is that you can compare similar items at many different stores to find the best discount available. Resist the urge to order the first product you see – you may something nearly identical at another retailer. Spend that extra time searching your favorite sites to make sure that you’ve chosen the best piece, at the best price. helps you browse different deals on a vast selection of products, listed on various e-commerce portals, all at once. Think of it as a streamlined shopping search engine. You can search by item, color, price range, and more, then scroll through all the options available for purchase. Shopping online has never been so easy, affordable and fun!