Footwear – The finishing touch of dressing!

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The first thing we notice in an outing or a gathering is the footwear.  It is then that we realize that we could have worn a better footwear.  Footwear is not only for aesthetics but also to scale the persona of the one who wears it. We are also judged by the way we attire and footwear comes a long way in the grand scheme of things. So footwear indeed completes dressing.

Elegance in footwear depends on our choice.  And our choice can be refined if we wear those that suit the appropriateness of the situation.

Again, what should we look in our shoes? The comfort or style?,     We should say,  both are pretty much important.

Let us see the good characteristics of a suitable footwear.  Typically, price shouldn’t be a factor and nothing should be compromised for a shoe that is comfortable.

  1. Flexi or adjustable

Adjustable straps such as laces or Velcro which allow for adjustment depending on an individual’s needs are good for sandals, floaters and heels.  A lace or strap would hold the foot in it’s place allowing fast walking, running or rough use.

  1. Stable

The shoes’ heel support / heel cup should be soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement.  Ladies!  For your attention please!  Kindly inspect the heel cup and the sole of the heels while buying, you don’t want to end up feeling like walking on a stone pillar.

  1. Roomy enough

There should be sufficient room at the front of the shoe for your toes. During normal walking your foot both spreads out and lengthens up. Therefore, you should pick a shoe that is longer than your longest toe by about the width of your thumb. This would also allow some breathe space for your toes protecting you from

  • Bunions or hammertoes.
  • Corns
  • Toes that cross over each other.
  • Ingrown toenails.
  • Complications from diabetes that you may not feel due to poor sensation in the feet.
  1. Heel height 

It is in the best interest that shoe heel must not exceed 2.5cm in height.  When taller ones are worn for long hours, the heel and ankle would become more unstable and thus be prone to sprains and forefoot pain.

  1. Good condition

Monitor your footwear and discard shoes that are too worn-down, as these have often lost some of their basic functions. Continuing to run in worn-out running shoes increases the stress and impact on your leg joints and heels, which can lead to overuse injuries. offers a wide variety of fashion and elegant footwear.  Take a look at it.

# Flip-flops (slippers)

Flip-flops also called slides or step-ins are a type of open-toed sandal typically worn casually.  They consist of a flat sole made of rubber or plastic, held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot. The name “flip-flop” originated from the sound made by the slapping of the sole, foot and floor when walking.

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On the other side:

They should be avoided in case of prolonged walking because they offer very little to no arch support, heel cushioning. This type of shoe can accelerate the problems associated with having a flat foot.

#  Flats (slippers or sandals)

Flats are sandals or slippers are flat on the sole. They give the body the perfect stability.

Cocoon Flats

# High heels

Who would not say yes to a brand new catwalk or Do Bhai high heels, they are pretty much a dream of every teenage girl. Heels range from low to high height upto 6 inches. Even though a caution has been spread about the height of the heels , it’s not a problem if the flaunting are for a few hours or so, but if put into regular use, please be informed about the health issues too.

Wearing heels regularly shifts your body weight to your forefoot, which increases the pressure to this area and typically leads to forefoot pain. High heels also create a balance problem; as you force your knees and hips forward, it may lead to pain and discomfort in your back and legs.

# Sneakers

They are typically used for athletic purposes. But  today it is nick -named as casual shoes which can be worn at any wear except formal meetings. But who knows wearing them formally can be the next fashion trend.  Though kicks are easy to use, foot hygiene is very important and should not be ignored.

Sports guys ! make sure to check your feet every day, wash them and keep them dry for a few hours and don’t forget to trim your toe nails to avoid injury.

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Mobile Phone Buying Guide – Phone Camera

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Simply Point, Shoot and Tell your story.

In today’s world, a snapshot of every moment in and around life has become so effortless with the advent of camera in phones. This special inbuilt feature in the phone, means a lot,  it means we always have it with ourselves and we won’t miss a single opportunity to smile bright.

Now what are the basic specs you have to go through to become a pro?

  • Is it megapixels??? Or a flash???

What if I choose a phone that is camera first and phone second.

Pixels:- Pixel  is digital imaging, it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.

One million pixels =one megapixel.

The number of megapixels relates to the quality of a picture a camera is capable of producing. The higher the number of pixels the clearer the image will be. In the early days of digital photography, when you got less than one megapixel, photos had little to no detail, often appearing “blocky” and “pixilated.” But anything above 5 megapixels is worth it. All you have to do is just point-and-shoot.

Flash:- Well there are two types of flashes one is led flash and other is xenon flash . Almost all of us want a camera phone that does a decent job at home. You can’t fit studio lights and an expensive lens into your pocket, so you need a flash that does the same thing. The answer is GO for xenon flash lights. They are 10,000 times brighter than an led flash, and if you want to capture the minute details then it is always better to prefer xenon light flash.

Now coming back to the question

Is it megapixels??

Is it Flash Light??

Well guys the more the better! higher the megapixels combined with xenon flash light, then you have hit a jackpot.

Some of the best features available on smartphones @

Model Flash: Camera sensor Camera Mp Features:
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Dual LED 1/3″ 8” Sapphire crystal lens cover, Optical image stabilization, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Self-timer, Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Autofocus (Phase detection), Touch to focus, Geo tagging
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED 1/2.6″ 16” Optical image stabilization, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Voice activation, Self-timer, Digital image stabilization, Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Autofocus, Touch to focus, Geo tagging
Samsung Galaxy K zoom Xenon 1/2.3″ 20.7 “ Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), CMOS image sensor, Autofocus, Optical image stabilization, AF Assist Beam, Touch to focus, Face detection, Smile detection, Blink detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging, Self-timer
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge  LED 1/2.6″ 16” Optical image stabilization, Manual focus, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Voice activation, Self-timer, Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Autofocus, Touch to focus, Geo tagging
Nokia Lumia 1020 LED, Xenon 1/1.5″ 41 Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Autofocus, Optical image stabilization, AF Assist Beam, Touch to focus, Manual focus, Face detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging, Self-timer

So don’t forget to go through camera specifications while you go online shopping for mobiles.




Bring joy to your teacher, Sep 5th

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The Upanishads hail of learning as follows:

AchArya poorva roopam, antEvA uttara roopam, vidyA sandhi:, pravachanam sandhAnam, iti adhi vidyam.

The teacher is the prior form, The pupil is the latter form, learning is the junction and the instruction given by the teacher is the catalyst. This is quality education.

On September 5th, Teachers’ day, let us remember all our teachers who have been our guiding light in our life.  Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”.

Teachers can do wonders in the life of a student more than a parent . On 5th of September we celebrate teachers day to pay our respects to them. Parents give birth to a child whereas teachers nurture their talents and shape his/her character to make their future meaningful. Let us never forget or ignore them; instead always respect and love them. Teachers spend their entire life molding thousands of children in their life time and that’s why teaching is indeed a noble profession.  A little extension in fact, every day we also keep learning from  parents, our grandparents, co-workers and friends.

If you really agree with our sentiments on teacher’s day, how about taking efforts to update your mobile contact list with your teacher’s phone numbers?  How about calling them or surprising them this teacher’s day with a bouquet of flowers or some plants.  Sure the day would be the happiest for your teacher.

Share your joys and respects with your teacher with Teachers’ Day Gifts from  You can choose from a variety of ideas like:

Momento:- See the joy on your teacher’s face by gifting her this cute photo frame. You can put your photo or a group photo with all your  friends in her batch.

Pens and Diaries:- Dear students, this is  a classic way to show your teacher, the pioneer one who introduced you how to read and write in this world. Gift them with the premium pens available at Pen, a pinnacle of perfection and class moulded into an exquisite writing instrument that bends and curls on the premium notebook that serves the desire of the perceptive individual who aims for the best.

Sheaffer Roller Ball Pen

Latest Gadgets:-You can always surprise teachers with the latest brands of electronics available to you at Every person likes to exhibit  trendy gadgets. brings you the latest electronic products.   A onetime click and capture of loveable memories will mean much to your loved ones –   A camera might not be a bad idea.”!!!  You can find plenty of brands in gadgets from First-class mobiles to the latest smart watches available online  with the best deals and offers.

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Unique gifts for matchless teachers: – Get interesting with bouquets,  chocolate truffles, greeting cards and desktop accessories.

Home décor:- Articles such as a wall décor, clocks or mini furniture.

Aakrati Brass Decorative Bell Yellow, Pack of 1

Real Indoor Plants:- Or go green and gift your teacher some indoor plants so she remembers you every time she  waters it.

Nurturing Green Indoor Plant Golden Pothos Ceramic Pot RedSo don’t forget to call and wish your teacher on September 5th.  Happy Teachers’ Day